Art & the machine probably best describes me in two words.

My body of work revolves around human emotion and I represent these conditions in anything I create whether a painting, a sculpture or an art car..


It should come as no surprise that I  am a lover of industrial design and as a result I am currently launching my very own time-piece art series based on new Seiko watches.

I find it difficult to follow a mainstream path to my creations, I have a well honed view of life in general and have chosen instead to pound my own ground rather than create in the image of past artists,  this has held true my entire adult life, I believe this philosophy is evident in my own style both in my art and art cars which I design and create at ROCS  just outside NYC.


With my work currently in collection in the United States, Canada and Europe I  draw on resources as eclectic as my work, which can range from acrylic to metal.

Please browse my pages and visit my other sites so you can get a full understanding of who I am as an artist, designer and an individual. 

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