My body of work revolves around the human condition and I represent these emotions in anything I create, from a painting to a sculpture or an art car.. I am also a lover of industrial design and components and will be launching my very own time-piece art series very soon. Please browse my pages and visit my other sites so you can get a full understanding of who I am as an art and an individual. 

An all around  believer in self-sufficiency for survival, I constantly fight and strive to disallow the influence of any artistic entity and choose instead to pound my own ground.


With my work currently in collection in the United States, Canada and Europe I  draw on resources as eclectic as my work, which can range from acrylic to metal.

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- Studio Montclair group show 2018

- Artbox projects 2018


- The Bridge, 2019

- Driven to America, 2018, 2019

- Hershey 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019